An earthen amphora from the Dark Cave

Late Stone Age, Eneolit, Baden culture, turn of the 4th and the 3rd millennia BC.
Venue of the find: Žehra – Dark Cave (Spiš Castle Hill)
Material, technique: earth, modelling, fluting, polishing
Restored probably in the 1970’s, no more detailed information is available; repeated restoration in 2017 – surface modification (Mgr. art. Martin Rosenberger, SNM-Spiš Museum in Levoča)

A vessel with a belly-shaped bulge and a high cylindrical neck, slightly turned outwards, shaped in a free hand. Its present appearance is a result of the reconstruction. Originally, it was a large fragment of approximately one third of the vessel circumference, the remaining part has been added. The original torso had an ear with a vertical opening at the point of its biggest bulge. During the reconstruction three analogical ears have been added on the circumference of the vessel. Below the neck, as well as at the edges, there is a decoration in the form of a running row of dots made by slanted stabs. The body of the vessel is decorated by vertical fluting. The bottom is flat, without an indent. The vessel is made of fine black and brown earth. The surface was originally polished.

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