Cord. 1680

Central Europe, steel, brass, gilding, 107,5 x 9,00 cm

Cord with a brass handle finished with a decorative fluted head. Partially preserved cross piece with an allusion of ornamental finishing. Original steel blade with allusively preserved gilding.

Cord. 1600 – 1620

Central Europe, steel, 105 x 10,2 cm

Cord – an aristocratic weapon, non-military, used for decorative purposes. It has a wicker decorative basket, es-shaped cover and a fluted head. The hilt is enveloped in a steel wire. The cord is made of steel, well preserved and undamaged.

Hunting cutlass. 1700 – 1750

Central Europe, steel, timber, 67 x 8,5 cm

An aristocratic hunting weapon – hunting cutlass. Preserved in its original appearance and undamaged. The blade is made of steel, there is an es-shaped bent cross piece and a timber conic handle enveloped in a steel wire.

Pistol Flobert

around 1856
steel, timber, 39 x 18,5 cm

Pistol of the 5,6 caliber, called Flobert pistol, preserved in its original appearance without secondary interventions. Interior, gallery weapon with ornamental decoration and a fluted handle.

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