Peter Pollág. St. John’s wort

Bratislava, canvas, acrylic, oil, 180 x 180 cm
Signed in the bottom right hand corner: peter / Pollág / 2016
Inscription in the bottom left hand corner: Photo Atelier E. Kopasz Levoča

The painting is part of a, so far, small series called Herbal Plants and, at the same time, a series of exhibitions of the same name. The basic composition of the painting was inspired by a photograph from a family album taken in the photographic studio of Eugene Kopasz who was active in Levoča in the years 1921 – 1932.

Peter Pollág. Painting – on solidarity, trust and other virtues

Bratislava, timber panel, oil, aluminium, combined technique, altar triptych with movable wings painted on both sides, the overall height 45 cm, width 80 cm, height of the central panel 45 cm, width 40 cm, height of the altar wing 45 cm, width 20 cm
Signed on the rear side of the left wing at the bottom: Pollág / 1999

The artwork has a shape of an altar triptych with a central panel and a pair of altar wings painted on both sides. It is a tribute to the artist’s native town, its history and artistic monuments which are dominated by medieval altars. The form of a winged altar is the basis for his series Altars. Further works from this series – Prayer, Canopy, Virgin (2003 – 2004) and a slightly older Kiss (1995) are in private collections. Following the exhibition Working on Paper in the exhibition premises of the Spiš Museum in 1998, the artist donated the painting inspired by the Latin inscription above the main entrance to the Levoča town hall to the Museum. Thus the painting is the only work from the Altars series which is now in public collections. On the whole, the artist’s work is represented in the museum fund by five paintings altogether.

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