Vojtech Klimkovič. Saint Catherine of Alexandria

Canvas, oil painting, 120 x 72,5 cm
Signed at the right bottom corner: „Klimkovicz Béla 1862“
Restored in 2012 by the academic painter Anna Svetková

An altar painting, originally in the mansion chapel in Rollova Huta (today part of Margecany). Following the chapel demolition (1966) the painting was transferred to the Roman Catholic parish office in Margecany, where it was acquired from by purchase into the collections of the SNM-Spiš Museum in Levoča in 2011.
The painting shows a young female figure in a sky blue dress girded with a red fabric. The dress is supplemented by a gold accent on the turned up sleeve lining, the ornamental embroidery on the shoulders and around the tunic neck-line. She has a golden crown on her head with a fine veil hanging down her shoulders, all finished with a gentle halo. At her knees there is a sword and a timber wheel – attributes of her torture. She is holding a green palm branch in her hand. She is on her knees, looking upwards, towards heaven with resignation.

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